Bluebirds of Estes

In Partnership with The Wandering Wildlife Society

Bluebirds of Estes

We Create Sustainable Bluebird Habitat in Estes Valley and Beyond

Our Proven Build-Monitor-Band program is the Center of our Success.



Bluebirds thrive when we provide the right nesting habitat.  We partner with volunteers and local organizations to build and install bluebird houses.


Bluebird houses need care and upkeep just like any other home.  Our network of volunteers helps keep boxes clean and in good working order.


Our banding efforts help us understand how many birds live in each box, the health of newborns, and migratory patterns.

Watch Our Bluebird Presentation and Nestbox Building Demo


Learn How to Get Involved

How You Can Get Involved

Get Your Old Box Replaced

Broken or dilapidated boxes don’t do our bluebirds any good.  Let’s get a new box for your property.

Get a New Box

If you’d like to start providing new nesting sites for bluebirds, use the form below to let us know.


We’d LOVE to have you join us to help build a box, monitor boxes, or band birds.

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